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Windows Phone Update, HTC Arrive, Windows 7 SP1 Marked Microsoft Week

Microsoft’s week involved a Windows Phone 7 update issue, the unveiling of the HTC Arrive, Windows 7 SP1, and an agreement over Web privacy standards. Microsoft offered an update for Windows Phone 7 this week, designed to pave the way for future …Read more


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HTC Trophy 7 Verizon Launch & Release

The HTC Trophy 7 (Windows Phone 7) smartphone was mentioned last year and thanks to an image online it is now clear that Verizon is definitely getting this handset. We mentioned something about Verizon gaining the HTC Trophy 7 smartphone back in …Read more


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Easily convert DVD/Video to iPhone, Android, HTC,Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry, etc..

Froyo installation procedure for the HTC HD2 looks pretty painless, and should certainly breathe a new lease of life into the phone, which still boasts top of the line specs, but a stale OS that even Microsoft has washed its hands of with Windows Phone …Read more


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Moonlighting Within Microsoft, in Pursuit of New Apps

Microsoft Corporation is playing catch up with the Windows Phone 7 in the Apps department by relaxing the usually strict moonlighting rule for employees. Microsoft is encouraging their employees to write Apps for W7 phone in their spare time and …Read more


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HTC HD7 Review

HTC’s HD7 is the second Windows Phone 7 device I’ve had the pleasure of testing, and it’s vastly different in form and function from the Samsung Focus, my previously tested WP7 handset. The HD7 is bigger, bolder, and on T-Mobile instead of Ma Bell. …Read more


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Sony launches mobile gaming wars

Microsoft, which already offers some Xbox games on its Windows Phone 7 operating system, replied on February 14 by offering greater integration to lure players. A connection with the Xbox will be available in a major Phone 7 update from about March, …Read more


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TS2R Wireless News: HTC ThunderBolt $699?, Battery DOA, More Free Windows Phone Apps & OED Sexting tbh

More Free Windows Phone 7 Apps – Microsoft has increased the number of free apps developers can submit for free from 5 to 100. Developers previously had to pay a $20 submission charge for each app after the first free five. Microsoft is also allowing …Read more


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