Windows Phone 7 saves man’s golf clubs

03 Mar

Yes, I know other smart phones have similar application features, but this story struck me as a feel-good local showcase of how to take advantage of your new phones abilities.This comes from a local Melbourne friend who recently told me his tale:  “Friday after work I zipped down for a cheeky 9 holes of golf to wrap up the week.  After a stellar round :), I retired to the 19th hole for a post-game debrief, leaving my golf bag outside the club house with a number of other bags, etc.”

“A very short while later, I discovered my golf bag was missing (which had my Windows Phone in the pocket).  I tried ringing the phone a couple of times to no avail, and reported the missing bag at the clubhouse – assuming that someone had mistakenly picked up the wrong bag in the fading light.”

“On arriving home, I was straight onto Windows Phone 7 “FindMyPhone”; the phone was heading north-east at a great rate of knots (I imagined a speedy getaway down an undulating dusty road!).  The phone came to rest later that night in [some 80km away].  Long story short, called police that night, made a statement next day, the police sent a unit there today and on finding my stuff charged a person with theft (and no doubt, being a goose).  [I ] Had to identify my clubs and phone later this evening at the local station whilst answering a bunch of questions from the CIB, etc. about this wonderful device called a Windows Phone!

With a little help from satellite/map images from the Victorian government land web site, the enterprising golfer was able to give police the address for the wannabe plus-four wearer.

Police personal were also impressed, perhaps Microsoft sold a few phones on this day.


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