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Nokia To Launch Its First Windows Phone 7 In Q1 2012?

Nokia stated it clearly that it will wait for the Mango Windows Phone 7 refresh to hit first before launching any Redmond powered smartphones and there even was a rumor of the update being pushed back to next year — and another one denying it with indications of early fall for OEMs.

Rumors aside, Nokia India’s Managing Director and Vice President for Sales, Mobile Phones, D. Shivakumar, declared that Nokia will launch its first Windows Phone in roughly 12 months from now. The statement comes from India’s Daily News & Analysis and, even if printed black on white, one could treat it with a dose of skepticism. In the meantime, Nokia targets to launch more than 40 new phone models this year out of which approximately 20 smartphones built on Symbian.

Whether there’s any truth to the story or not is hard to say as well as it’s hard not to believe a high placed Nokia official. Will a Nokia Windows Phone 7 released in Q1 2012 be too late? Why would it take that long? Nokia definitely has the power to design and manufacture hardware as they’re among the best in the business. Could it be Microsoft related? Many questions but unfortunately there are no answers as of yet. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!


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Microsoft confirms delay of March Windows Phone 7 update

CEO Steve Ballmer had initially said the update would be hitting smartphones the first week of March.

Spokesman Eric Hautala, the leader of the team behind the updates, says that the update will now be headed to smartphones in the last week of March, but possibly a bit earlier.

For the February update, Microsoft acknowledged that up to 10 percent of customers had issues with the update, especially those with Samsung devices.

This time around, the company will “take some extra time to ensure the update process meets our standards, your standards, and the standards of our partners.”

The March update will add copy/paste, CDMA support, and Marketplace search.


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Hands-on: HTC Arrive on Sprint with Windows Phone 7

The HTC Arrive was announced not-too-long ago but this is the first time that you’ll see the Windows Phone 7 smartphone not being tethered to a stand. Yeah, that’s just kind of how IntoMobile rolls.

The HTC Arrive is a Windows Phone 7 device that will debut on Sprint soon and it will be the first U.S. device that rocks the latest Microsoft smartphone operating system on a CDMA network. It comes on a CDMA network because this device features the NoDo update, which includes the copy and paste feature and support for CDMA networks, like Sprint.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about the HTC Arrive, as the big, roomy keyboard with a full number key is quite easy to type on and it’s remarkably light for having a full, horizontal-sliding keyboard. It’s still going to be bigger and heavier than a full touch device like the LG Optimus Black but it’s a good size for a full tilt-out device.

Speaking of the tilt-out feature, the screen on the HTC Arrive does slide out and then tilt up, much like the old Tilt phones of yore. It’s a nice, spring-loaded feeling but I’m not quite sure it’s excellent for you hardware fanatics because it can lead to a gross gap between the keyboard segment and the screen segment if you’re silly like me and try to push it up on the opposite side. Yes, that probably won’t be a major issue in day-to-day usage but you never know what happens when the handset is in your pocket or bag.

The keyboard on the HTC Arrive with Windows Phone 7 feels nice and it is quite roomy. The typer in me loves the full dedicated number row and the buttons have a solid amount of feedback and tactility.

The HTC Arrive is powered by Windows Phone 7 and you know what we think about the platform. This will also include the company’s specified hub, which includes fancy weather updates and more.


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IE9 on Windows Phone 7 being shown off at South by South West

We posted a few weeks ago that IE9 may be pushed out to Windows Phone 7 much sooner than the Mango update will arrive.  We cant confirm yet if this will happen or not, but what is certain is that IE9 seems to be mature enough to be taken out into the wilds and shown off in real life at the huge South by South West Social Media convention.

Joe Marina, who is a Windows Phone 7 program manager, has just tweeted that he will be showing off the new browser at the Microsoft booth, so if you are wandering around in Austin make a point of heading that way and maybe catch a bit of video of the software in action.


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