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How to Sync Windows Phone with Outlook

If you’re using a Windows Phone 7 device in a corporate environment, you get the advantage of a piece of mobile hardware that you can sync with an Exchange server. Meanwhile you already have desktop syncing via Microsoft Outlook, giving you a uniform sync across all devices.

However it isn’t so easy for Windows Phone 7 owners that don’t have access to Microsoft Exchange, although it is still possible to enjoy a similar email and calendar sync dynamic with the help of your Windows Live account and Outlook Connector.

With a Windows Live Hotmail account setup in your desktop Outlook client you can then sync emails, contacts and calendar data between your PC and Windows Phone via your Hotmail account through Outlook connector!

Setting Up Windows Live Hotmail in Microsoft Outlook 2010

You can quickly get started with this by opening Outlook and adding your Windows Live account via File > Add Account – simply add your name, email address and password, click Next and Outlook will do the rest of the work for you. In a few moments time you will have your Hotmail account available in Outlook.

This includes both the email account, visible in the left pane in Outlook, any Contacts you have saved in your Windows Live account (accessed via the Contacts button, or CTRL+3) and your Windows Live calendar, which you can view and edit via the Calendar button (or CTRL+2).

Adding and editing contacts and calendar items in Outlook will be replicated to your Windows Live Hotmail account and this will then be synced to your Windows Phone a few moments later!

Managing Emails, Calendars and Contacts on Your Windows Phone

The level of synchronization using this method is bi-directional – you can also add items to your Windows Phone calendar and these will be synced to your desktop calendar.

To do this, tap the Calendar on your Windows Phone and then + to add a New item; in the New Appointment screen add a subject for the appointment, a location and ensure that your Windows Live account is selected. (This guide assumes that a Windows Live account has been setup for use on your Windows Phone, if not go to Settings > Email & accounts > Add an account.)

Next, select a date and time for the appointment to begin and then select duration – note that you can select All day if your calendar item is for a full day. The More details button allows you to add a reminder, specify whether or not the appointment will occur again (and set various re-occurrence options) and also allow you to add notes. Tap Save to add the appointment to your diary, and within a few moments your calendar items will be synced with your Windows Live calendar in your desktop Outlook client. If nothing shows in Outlook straightaway, just use Send/Receive to force the sync.

Similar editing can be achieved in your Contacts list, and again you can sync the changes between your PC, Windows Live account and your Windows Phone.


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Windows Phone 7: HTC Prime and Ignite To Be Announced At CTIA ? (Specs)

The last few days have been great for manufacturers and fans alike as a number of previously unseen devices have shown their face to the camera. In our case though, we are talking about two upcoming Windows Phone 7 powered smartphones, the HTC Prime and the HTC Ignite. Rumor has it that these two devices will be officially announced in a few short days at CTIA.

The HTC Ignite was first spotted on the Chinese web page, showing off its sleek curves as well as some specs, but I don’t know how much of those can be really trusted. As such, the rumored HTC Ignite specs are pretty mid-range. The device is rumored to sport an 800 MHz processor and a resistive touchscreen.

Now the only issue I have with resistive touchscreens ( other than not being capacitive ) is the fact that this doesn’t correspond with Microsoft’s Chassis 1 requirements. Despite that, I would say that the rest of the specifications sure seem ok, as the device is rumored to also sport a 3.7 inch WVGA display and 512 MB of RAM. On the rear we’ll find a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash presumably. Again, take this for what it’s worth, a rumor really.

However, just for those of you who suffer from the “FAKE!” syndrome, the device has been spotted on Telstra’s internal system, a carrier from Australia, where it was keeping company to the HTC Prime. The rumored HTC Ignite release date is set around the mid of this year, so most likely June or July, yet no official date has been announced.

Our second contestant is more to my liking, as it does come with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and we are talking about the HTC Prime. The device, as previously mentioned, popped up on Telstra’s inventory system, and again the Chinese page had some specs for it. As such the HTC Prime specs are: a 3.7 inch WVGA display, along with 512 MB of RAM, a 5 megapixel rear facing camera with LED flash.

I did enjoy the first few looks at the device as it kind of reminds me of the HTC Desire Z yet the keys are a touch differently shaped ( not that it’s a bad thing ). My only bug with the slide-out keyboard would be regarding the edges which, if filled up properly, might have given us bigger keys. But oh well, it does look good and it should also be announced officially at CTIA.

However, the HTC Prime release date is missing in action for the time being ( nope, not even rumors can help us in this situation ), so I can’t give you any more info in this particular direction. If all goes well, in about a few days or so we should be getting our first batch of official announcements regarding these two upcoming devices. Until then, stay tuned for more information as it becomes available and make sure to check back!

Thanks PocketNow for letting us know about the HTC Prime and HTC Ignite. Pictures courtesy of


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HTC Arrive review: Welcome, Windows Phone 7, to copy/paste

We expect a fair amount from a phone that represents Sprint’s first investment into Windows Phone 7, is the United State’s first CDMA Windows 7 phone, and is the first of its OS to ship with the long-awaited addition of copy/paste. Thankfully, the HTC Arrive delivers.

There are a few points of concern, but for the most part, the Arrive is a likable smartphone with a great keyboard and a handy tilting screen that makes a good addition to Sprint’s lineup. Be sure to check out the video, slideshow, and more details in our full review.


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Stephen Elop: Nokia-Windows Phone 7 devices already in the works

Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop, has recently confirmed to Reuters that the very first Nokia-Windows Phone 7 devices are being worked on. He was quoted as saying, “We’re right now, today, having people work on the first Windows Phone devices.” While it has been previously reported that we will only see the Nokia WP7 phones in 2012, Elop mentioned that he aims to get one into the market before the end of 2011. Expect more details to be released over the next few months. After Microsoft’s rocky start with Windows Phone 7, it looks like they really need some help with their mobile operating system. Will Nokia be their savior? I guess we’ll have to wait to find out.


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Windows 8 screenshots flaunt Windows Phone 7 influence

We’ve had a glimpse at the future of Windows. Screenshots from Windows 8 have been discovered by Russian Twitter user Alicans35, revealing an influence from Windows Phone 7 and a possible new version for tablets.

The screenshots show that the next version of Microsoft’s business software Office, Office 15, uses the clean interface styling developed for Windows Phone 7. Codenamed Metro, the look and feel of the Windows 8 interface is focused on clear lettering and icons to make it easy to navigate.

Alicans35 posted several pics on his Twitter feed, including super-exciting shots of Excel, PowerPoint, the Office commands tab and a video of Word in scintillating action.

A recent job advert posted by Microsoft called for a software designer to work on Outlook, specifically mentioning tablets and mobile phones as well as computers. It’s still not clear whether that means Microsoft will make different versions of Windows for each type of device, or make a version of Windows that fits all sizes of screen.

Currently, tablets run Windows 7. Windows 7 supports touching and tapping the screen so it can be used on a touchscreen tablet, but the size and layout is designed for monitors and can be fiddly on a smaller screen.

Microsoft makes a separate operating system, Windows Phone 7, with large clear icons for smaller screens. Gates’ gang could continue with just the two versions, or come up with a tablet version of Windows that would combine the roominess of the desktop with the simplicity of the phone version. If Windows 8 does draw heavily on Windows Phone 7, the desktop version may be more suited to tablets.

Apple makes a different version of its operating system for the desktop, iPad 2 tablet, and iPhone. Google makes different versions of its Android software for tablets and phones.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a proper Microsoft vs Apple scrap over operating systems, so we’re pleased to see another donnybrook brewing. Mac OS X Lion is roaring towards MacBook laptops and iMac desktop computers this year.



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Facebook For Windows Phone 7 Updated To Version 1.2

If you are among those people who prefer the dedicated Facebook app for Windows Phone 7 instead of the Facebook integration in the People Hub, you might have noticed a Marketplace Update notification this morning.

The Facebook application has been updated to version 1.2 — as a reminder, the last update brought Places and Picture Tagging — and there’s not much information on what’s been changed. According to the description, this new version addresses known issues but no details on what those issues are. Hopefully the new version fixes the crashing some users experienced in the last period of time. So far we experienced no errors so make sure to follow the source link — if you did not receive the notification — and update the software.

Tip: You might have to go to Marketplace on your phone, search for Facebook, enter its page, hit back and re-enter the app page to enable the Update button.


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