iOS 4.3 vs Windows Phone 7

23 Mar

Can Apple’s iOS hold its own against the new blood of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7? Let’s dig-in and find out!

If its diverse hardware you’re looking for then Windows Phone 7 should be your go-to OS., Products from HTC, LG, Samsung and Dell have all been launched running the software and thanks to Microsoft’s hardware requirements you can be sure of getting a decent, rewarding experience no matter what device you eventually settle upon.

Nokia will be adding its name to that esteemed list in a matter of months too, so if you’re a Nokia loyalist you’ll have plenty to be happy about this year.

Apple hardware on the other hand is a little on the limited side. Sure, you get nice looking, reasonably well constructed devices if you put your tick next to the Cupertino company, but you’re faced with high prices and no choice.

Quite simply, you choose Apple and the rest is done for you. Some may like this black and white approach, but personally we see diversity as a good thing.

Winner – Windows Phone 7

If you’re looking for an immersive web experience you’ll be pleased to know that both iOS 4.3 and Windows Phone 7 offer just that. The 4.3 update sees iOS’ Safari browser knock out some pretty impressive load-times and security has been beefed up too.

The glaring omission from iOS 4.3 is Adobe Flash support though, but that needn’t be a big deal unless you’re heavy user of sites with embedded content. On the whole browsing within iOS is as good as it always has been though. Text is rendered quickly and accurately, pages respond briskly to taps and touches and content is, by and large, as it should be.

Windows Phone 7 offers a comparatively good browsing experience too, with pages loading quickly and responding well to touch but, like iOS 4.3, Windows Phone 7 has so far shunned Flash content meaning that you’ll be out of luck if you rely on Flash enabled sites on a day to day basis.

The mango update to WP7 (which is due sometime this year) will see the introduction of Internet Explorer 9 however, which will bring HTML5 support and possibly even Silverlight! But for now the Windows Phone 7 browser sits at the bottom of the pile when it comes to features.

Winner – iOS 4.3

You don’t have to be young to be at the top of your game and Apple’s iOS, in its latest form, has ably shown that it’s still head and shoulders ahead of the newest smartphone operating system and with every firmware update the platform gets better, faster and stronger.

Windows Phone 7 shows plenty of promise though, and if you’re fond of the fundamental choices that Microsoft has made in its development you’ll find plenty to love about the software but in its current state it doesn’t hold a candle to iOS 4.3.


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