Microsoft Planning Sequels

24 Mar

This article is not vying for TSA’s coveted ‘Surprise of the Week’ award. In an amazing display of stating the blindingly obvious, Kevin Unangst has told Gamasutra that there will be more from the software giant’s established catalogue.

Mr Unangst is the senior director of PC and mobile gaming with the firm so perhaps he’s talking about WIndows Phone 7 and Games for Windows Live titles but we’d still bet everything we own on the same philosophy holding true for the Xbox 360 too.

In other, almost as unsurprising, news, Microsoft will have something to say at E3 so don’t worry too much about their lack of first party content so far in 2011:

This is not the sum total. Although I love what we’re doing… there’s games that we’ve already even talked about coming this year. Games like Forza 4, games like Kinect Star Wars that we’re not yet talking about. That, and some other surprises I’m sure you’ll see and hear from us at E3 about.

There you have it: they like banking on established franchises, they’re going to do more of it and they will have surprises at E3. We could run this same story at this time every year. Forever.


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