Can’t wait to cut-and-paste with Windows Phone 7? Ease up turbo, Microsoft’s here for you

28 Mar

YOU mightn’t have noticed, but Microsoft started rolling out the first full Windows Phone 7 operating system update more than a week ago.

That’s because the update could take as long as four weeks to become available.

The March Windows Phone 7 update, codenamed “NoDo”, adds features such as copy & paste, better Marketplace search, wi-fi and Outlook improvements, better Facebook integration and faster start-up times for apps and games.

Clearly, they’re all much anticipated.

Customers and bloggers alike have been so put out by the tech giant’s tardiness that Microsoft has launched a website to help them track the Windows Phone 7 update schedule.

Microsoft’s Customer Experience Engineering general manager Eric Hautala said the company “intentionally deliver updates in batches, ramping up gradually to help ensure the process is as problem-free as possible”.

“But it was clear from your comments that many of you want a better idea of when to expect your update,” he added.
The website is called “Where’s my phone update?” and helps users track exactly when they can expect a software update on their device.

“Much like when you buy a PC online, you’ll be able to see when the update is being tested and packaged, when it’s about to ship, and when it’s ‘left the warehouse,'” Mr Hautala said.

“We’ll update the site once a week with the latest status changes.”


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