Microsoft rolls out Windows Phone 7 OS update

28 Mar

Microsoft is rolling out its first major software update to its Windows Phone 7 operating system.

Microsoft had planned the Windows Phone 7 update for the first two weeks of March. The delay is due to technical problems with a minor update to the operating system (OS) in February, which resulted in Microsoft pulling the Windows Phone 7 update on Samsung devices.

The update includes copy and paste features as well as improved Marketplace search. It will be made available in several batches, to ensure the process is as problem-free as possible, said Microsoft.

In a blog post, Eric Hautala, general manager of customer experience engineering at Microsoft, says the update will be available for “open market” [devices without a specific mobile operator] Windows Phones first, before being rolled out to all users.

“In next phase of the rollout process, we’ll start making the update available to a broader range of customers. When the update is available for your phone, you’ll get a message on the device letting you know,” wrote Eric Hautala.

Microsoft’s “Where’s my phone update?” website helps users work out when devices are likely to be updated.

“Much like when you buy a PC online, you’ll be able to see when the update is being tested and packaged, when it’s about to ship, and when it has left the warehouse. We’ll update the site once a week with the latest status changes,” Hautala added.

Some new Windows Phone devices already have the update installed. Instructions to install the update are


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