While I was gone: Firefox 4, Windows Phone 7 update problems

30 Mar

I’m back in the office after a brief hiatus between March 22 and March 27. Here is what happened while I was gone:

Firefox 4. Mozilla released the new version of its free Web browser, Firefox 4 last week. It came a week after Microsoft released the competing browser Internet Explorer 9.

So far Firefox appears to be leading the pack with downloads. Firefox 4 was downloaded 7.1 million times in the first 24 hours. Internet Explorer 9 was downloaded 2.3 million times on the first day. In the first 48 hours, 15.85 million copies of Firefox 4 were downloaded.

The popularity of Microsoft’s browser is hampered by the fact that it does not run in Windows XP — it is only available for Vista and Windows 7. Microsoft has said in a statement it does not support XP with the latest browser because, “The browser is only as good as the operating system it runs on and a browser running on a ten-year-old operating system tethers the web to the past.”

Also, the team that builds Internet Explorer is in the Windows division at Microsoft, which wants to drive upgrades to Windows 7.

Here is where you can download Firefox 4.

Problems with Windows Phone 7 updates. Microsoft acknowledged that it’s having problems delivering updates to Windows Phone 7 users. Many people who bought Windows phones since they started selling in the fall have been anxiously awaiting this update because it adds the ability to copy and paste text.

Microsoft posted a video featuring Corporate Vice President Joe Belfiore, who also posted this comment on its website, “We know it’s been frustrating to wait for features/fixes and (probably worse) to hear little from us on specific dates. We are sorry the process has been rocky.”

If you are a Windows Phone 7 user and you are still wondering dude, where’s my update, Microsoft has also posted a frequently asked questions for Windows Phone 7 users about the update.

Observers are watching how Windows Phone 7 performs because Microsoft’s smartphone operating system is so far behind Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone in market share. Windows Phone 7 began selling on phones in the fall.


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