Yalla Apps gives Jordanian Developers access to the global Windows Phone 7 Market

30 Mar

Microsoft announced the launch of “Yalla Apps”, a regional Windows Phone 7 developer portal that will serve as an accelerator for the creation,availability and submission of local Windows Phone 7 applications from the developer community in Jordan and across the Middle East and Africa region (MEA), in addition to enabling them to be part of the growing global Windows Phone 7 developer community. Yalla Apps was launched in association with Prototype Interactive, a leading UAE based digital agency.

Muhammad Arrabi, Developer Platform Evangelist at Microsoft Jordan stated: “Many developers are making great revenues from smart phone applications. Now this opportunity is open for Jordanian Developers over Windows Phone 7. At Microsoft, we are committed to creating new developer opportunities in Windows Phone 7. Through Yalla Apps, local developers can submit and participate in the global marketplace for Windows Phone 7 by monetizing their applications and creating new revenue opportunities for them. We see enormous potential in terms of the talent that is available in Jordan to develop new and exciting Windows Phone 7 applications.”

“I think windows phone 7 has proven to be a real game changer ever since it was launched, considering the fact that Microsoft has always been interested in enriching its partners’ ecosystem, and is doing the same with WP7. The available development tools for WP7 are used in our everyday programming, so developing WP7 apps can never be easier, and considering the fact that their app store is still growing, the number of potential apps to be developed is really huge,” stated Monir Abu Hilal, ArabDynamics Co-Founder and UX Specialist.

Hani AbuHuwaij, Microsoft Student Partner, stated, “The possibilities you can achieve while developing an application for Windows Phone 7 are endless. I especially like the concept of the Live Tiles as they represent a great, new and interactive way of presenting live information that one needs. It is such a brilliant idea to use.”

In the case of developers, Yalla Apps will now make it very easy for them to distribute their applications on the portal through a simple and accessible process. Microsoft and Prototype will further utilize the Yalla Apps community to facilitate development support so that developers can get their applications distributed as fast as possible.

Yalla Apps will also offer developers the opportunity to download Windows Phone 7 application templates, sample code and components to get a quick start in their application development. Moreover, developers can also upload their own code and share it with the community either on a free or paid basis. A Forum Module will also be available on Yalla Apps which will allow developers a chance to discuss and get insights into the latest Windows Phone 7 developer tools and enhance their development experience.

Available immediately, developers in Jordan can go to Yalla Apps (, sign up to and start to unlock WP7 phones for testing, submit, publish and earn money from WP7 apps they develop. Registration is free for students.



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