Windows Phone 7 and Android vs iOS [the “app store” way]

31 Mar

To stop Apple from owning the “app store,” Microsoft reportedly hired a linguist to define the exact meaning of the “app store”, and explaining why everyone can use the two words.

According to CNET, Microsoft filed opposition to Cupertino’s aim to trademark the phrase “App Store,” citing linguistic expert Ronald R. Butters’ statement that the two-word noun “App Store” simply means:

“Store at which apps are offered for sale,’ which is merely a definition of the thing itself–a generic characterization.”
Microsoft already countered the “app store” last January, calling the words “too generic.”

Can Microsoft stop Apple from acquiring the word “app store?” Last week, Apple filed a lawsuit against after the online retail company “refused” to remove the word “appstore” from its own Android application store.

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