HTC preparing Prime and Ignite Windows Phone 7 smartphones

05 Apr

In what’s turning into a bit of an HTC leak-o-rama, we’ve had our attention tweaked by another two forthcoming handsets – the Prime and Ignite – to go along with the Pyramid we saw earlier on.

And while their similarly leaked cousin runs the HTC staple Android platform, these two are different as they mark the Taiwanese company’s return to Windows Phone 7 territory.

There’s no shortage of HTC WinPho handsets already on the market, of course, with a full three out of the seven phones that launched the platform last year having come from Taiwan. But HTC isn’t resting on its laurels, it seems, and has another couple lined up for the next few months.

Like with the HTC Pyramid, it’s China’s XDN that’s dishing the dirty, showcasing the duo with pictures and a smattering of specs.

Both handsets feature 3.7in WVGA touchscreens, with the main difference being the Prime sports a landscape-sliding four-deck QWERTY keyboard underneath its slightly squarer front end.

We’re told the Ignite features a 800MHz processor, and given the pair’s similarities elsewhere, including the presence of 5-megapixel cameras on both, we suspect it’ll be a similar story with the Prime.

Overall, we’re certainly not talking high-end fare here, but then again one of the criticisms so far of Windows Phone 7 is that there aren’t enough mid-range WinPho handsets available, so kudos to HTC for covering its bases.


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