Windows 8 says hello to Ribbons

05 Apr

Multiple sites are reporting today that Microsoft will be implementing a new user interface for its upcoming Windows 8 operating system, including replacing toolbars with “Ribbons,” as seen in Microsoft Office.

The reports come via leaked alpha builds of the operating system.

Windows 8 login screen will look somewhat similar to Windows Phone 7/Zune and include the time, day and date (pic below).

Ribbons will be included (meaning toolbars within different tabs), and most of Window’s programs will use the new interface including Windows Explorer.

As most would contest, ribbons organize different functions better than a standard toolbar.

Additionally, wwwery says “the “View” button (toggles viewing styles) in Windows Explorer toolbar goes into the Details Pane (bottom), and now there’s a consolidated file menu (top-left) just like in Office 2010.”

Although unconfirmed, Windows 8 is expected to add tablet support and the ability to control music while the computer is locked.



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