LifePics Releases Windows Phone 7 App, the Only Windows Mobile App That Allows Printing to the Largest Network of Photofinishers

06 Apr

LifePics today announced the release of its “LifePics Order & View Photos” app, which allows all Windows Phone 7 users to order photos to any retail photofinisher in the LifePics Network from any Windows Phone 7 device.

The free app lets users order prints up to 11×14 from their phone’s photo library or from their LifePics online photo account, with more creative product options under development. LifePics Order & View Photos is the latest app released through the LifePics OPEN program, a public API program that sends orders to LifePics retailers via third party apps, software integrations, and websites.

“Every Windows phone comes with a great camera,” said JP Wollersheim, Group Product Manager at Microsoft. “LifePics is the perfect complement to that technology because it lets users turn the high quality images taken on our phones into gorgeous prints.”

Similar to other LifePics mobile apps, the LifePics Order & View Photos Windows Phone 7 app lets users order to any store in the LifePics Network, and helps users find a store using a GPS location or zip code search. Users can create a free LifePics online photo account, upload photos to their account, and view all photos stored online. Prints ordered though the app are often ready within an hour, making it easy to take and print photos on the go from any Windows phone. LifePics currently has over 13,000 retailers and pick up locations all over the world.

“Smart phones are becoming more sophisticated with their ability to capture good quality photos, and will soon replace point and shoot cameras as the primary camera for many consumers, so it makes perfect sense to give smart phone users an app to order their photos directly from the device,” said Vahe Christianian, VP of Sales and Business Development at LifePics. “We now have apps in three of the most popular smart phone markets to send more orders to LifePics retailers than ever before.”
To download the app, search “LifePics” in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.


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