Nokia Set To Hold Symbian Smartphone Event On April 12th [Forgetting Windows Phone 7 Is Coming To Nokia, April 12th Will Tell Us “What’s New With Symbian Smartphones”]

07 Apr

And just like that, we now have something Nokia and Symbian related to speculate on for the next few days. It seems that while many are waiting for the Windows Phone 7 handsets to arrive, that Nokia is not entirely done with Symbian. Of course, we did not necessarily think Nokia was dropping Symbian entirely, not yet anyway. But still, at the same time it is nice to get word of this upcoming event.

If nothing else, it will give Symbian fans and users something to hope for. That said, the event is going to take place on April 12th and promises to show off “what’s new with Symbian smartphones.” Otherwise, the event details will remain a mystery for now as the invitation has arrived with no additional details. Not to mention, the event has come as a complete surprise.

Let see, time to make some guesses. Or more accurately, make some generalizations. We could see anything from a new smartphone, or at the very least — word that an already announced model will begin shipping, to an update for Symbian or just a better explanation of what to expect in the future. Or maybe, just maybe this event is being backed by Microsoft and they are going to give Symbian a final farewell.

Just kidding on that last one, but wouldn’t that be a surprise. And in other news, it seems as if Nokia will be competing for eyes and attention with HTC (who is also having an event) on that day. But in the end, we cannot help but chuckle a little bit and despite secretly wishing that Symbian would stick around just so we have another competitor in the mobile space — it sort of pains us to think of the term “new” and “Symbian” and have them used in the same sentence at this point.


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