Gartner Claims Windows Phone 7 Will Overtake Apple’s iPhone

11 Apr

It’s the analyst lottery today on Touch Reviews, with today’s little stroke of genius (read, guessing) coming courtesy of Gartner. A recent report by Gartner says the firm expects Microsoft’s fledgling mobile operating system to overtake Apple’s iOS as soon as 2015 thanks to the Redmond outfit aligning itself with Finish mobile phone giant Nokia.

Gartner has revised its forecast of Windows Phone’s market share upward, solely by virtue of Microsoft’s alliance with Nokia.

Gartner believes iOS and WP7 will achieve parity in 2014 with the Microsoft solution taking control a year later, with Google’s Android being the clear winner overall. Thanks to Android’s availability on a raft of hardware it’s hard to see beyond the open source OS.

Whether Gartner turns out to be correct remains to be seen. Will Nokia’s ability to build strong hardware be enough to make buyers move to WP7? We think potential sales will depend on the availability of key apps rather than which camera is included. Gartner is also using existing Nokia Symbian sales as a benchmark (though they do admit it is less than current Symbian sales) for how well WP7 Nokia handsets will sell, which may or may not be the best way to predict market share 4 years out.

But hey, who are we to argue with analysts?


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