Windows Phone 7 deal: AT&T Samsung Focus and Sprint HTC Arrive now only one cent at Amazon

20 Apr

AT&T’s Samsung Focus (one of the first Windows Phone 7 devices ever launched) and Sprint’s HTC Arrive (the latest WP7 device to be released in the US) are now both available from Amazon for just one cent. Yes, $0.01 for either of these high-end smartphones. The catch is, as always, that you’ll have to have the guts to commit to a new two-year service agreement with AT&T or Sprint, respectively.

It’s not the first time that Windows Phone 7 devices have gotten heavily discounted in the US. It’s not the first time that the Samsung Focus for AT&T gets sold for cheap – it’s not even the first time that Amazon will sell it to you for just one cent. And this is not the first price cut that the Arrive has seen, even if it’s only been available for a few weeks.

Yet here we are. Say what you want about Windows Phone 7, but smartphones running Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system consistently pop up in such great deals and are therefore often times a lot cheaper than their iOS or Android-powered rivals.

Sure, that may happen because people don’t care that much for WP7 in the first place, and as a consequence don’t actually buy all that many WP7 devices at ‘full price’ – but so what? If you’re after a smartphone and don’t really crave one running iOS or Android (and your definition of ‘smartphone’ includes multitasking only in the future), these are devices that are plenty capable. If you’re okay with two-year contracts and your carrier of choice is either AT&T or Sprint, even better! Then you should probably head on over straight to Amazon and order a Samsung Focus or an HTC Arrive right now.


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