Infragistics’ Brings User Interface Controls to Windows Phone

29 Apr

Infragistics, a design software company and provider of user interface development tools, has unveiled NetAdvantage for Windows Phone (News – Alert) Community Technology Previews (CTPs) that can used by Windows phone developers to offer mobile apps that guarantee an enriched end-user experience.
Infragistics empowers developers to build and style immersive user experiences and rich data visualization in line of business applications across all platforms – Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET (News  – Alert) and Silverlight. With full support for Visual Studio 2010, the .NET 4 Framework and the latest in Microsoft Office 2010 style, NetAdvantage products offers users high-performance user interface (UI) controls necessary to create “Killer Apps” — applications with extreme functionality, complete usability and more.

The company added that with the release for CTPs, it is filling gaps in the UI control space for Windows phone developers by bringing key controls from its Data Visualization suites to the mobile market. By enhancing the controls for optimal performance on a smaller form factor, a window of new opportunity flips open for developers to create innovative mobile applications with the same real-time experience on the phone as is delivered on the desktop.
The company’s mobile UI CTPs also come packed with control-appropriate gesture support and is part of the Infragistics shared XAML strategy for developers to enhance user experience by making applications for the desktop, the Web and now for mobile devices.
NetAdvantage for Windows Phone components and controls can help developers take their mobile applications to the next level of on-the-go user experience. NetAdvantage’s multi-touch UI controls are enhanced for optimal performance on the mobile CPU and to display appropriately on today’s small screen devices.
Some of the highlighted features of NetAdvantage for Windows Phone are a large toolset that consists of a large number of XAML mobile controls for Windows Phone 7, including barcodes, bullet graphs, gauges, dialog windows, message boxes, sliders and more; inventive visualizations that demonstrate the developed mobile app’s navigation or interactive experience; mobile financial charting, which offer over 20 chart types, logarithmic scale, moving averages and 10 technical indicators for analytics to developers for the design of comprehensive mobile financial charting and analytics solutions; and IG theme, controls can be stylized with a visual theme.


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