BattleBallz for iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone 7

03 May

UK based game developer Pocketeeers Limited releases its first multi-platform arcade title BattleBallz for iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone 7. Android, Samsung Bada and Blackberry PlayBook versions coming very soon.
BattleBallz is a fast paced Arkanoid style arcade title for 1-2 players (on the same screen). Players (real player or AI) face off across a playfield separated by breakable bricks and do battle over 10-30 rounds of increasing difficulty. As the difficulty increases the playfield is littered with hazards such as Gravity Wells, Zappers and Grabbers. Players can power up their own team or put the enemy team at a disadvantage by collecting positive power-ups, whilst collecting negative power-ups will put the players own team at a disadvantage. BattleBallz is designed to support a wide range of skill levels with 4 difficulty modes (easy, normal, hard and insane). An achievements system is integrated into the game giving the player around 80 achievements to obtain and post to their Facebook account (Facebook posting only available on iOS and Windows Phone 7)

Main features:

– Single and 2 player modes allowing you to play head to head against insane AI or an insane friend

– Pick your battle arrangement using AI opponents to help you

– 4 modes of difficulty (easy, normal, hard and insane)

– Progressive difficulty from round to round with new game play features added at various stages such as zappers, black holes and gravity wells

– Around 80 different achievements that can be earned and posted to Facebook

– Pick-ups to help / hinder players such as barriers, shrink enemy, grow player, freeze wave and more

– Slam play to trick your enemies

– 10, 20 and 30 round battles

– Stats tracking to help you measure and improve your performance

– Death match bonus rounds

Video and more information about the game can be found at

About Pocketeers Limited

Pocketeers Limited is a UK based game developer founded in 2002 by industry veterans Mat Hopwood and Dave Garrison. Pocketeers produces and publishes titles for smart phones and tablet devices using the incredible AirPlay SDK (, Java and XNA / Silverlight. Pocketeers previous work includes titles such as Need for Speed on Nintendo GBA and Nintendo DS.


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