Fede Music for Android seems like Windows Phone 7′s music player

23 May

Windows Phone 7′s Metro UI is a appealing good looking interface, though it might be too minimalistic for some people’s tastes but one thing is for certain – it doesn’t look like any other stock (because Android can be modified to look like it) mobile operating system existing right now. Well for those of you who love WP7′s interface but are invested in an Android phone and don’t feel the need to change phones, happily for you there are options like WP7 launchers to modify your homescreen.

Now, the creator of Launcher has just released a new app into the Android Market called Fade Music. Some might call it a rip off, others might call it heavily inspired, but one thing is for sure – the developer isn’t making any attempts to distinguish his player from the one found in WP7.

Approved, it won’t give you the complete WP7 experience, but it gives you a good feel of what using the WP7 music player might feel like. The app is not accessible on the Android Market now, but you can download the APK here.


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Posted by on May 23, 2011 in Android, Windows Phone 7


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