Nokia has no Plan B post Windows Phone 7

29 Jun

The impossible has already happened, so we are surprised to hear that Nokia, once the bastion of innovation with their smart and intuitive featurephones (back in the days where you required a rocket science degree to figure out how a Motorola handset’s menu system worked without having to consult the manual), has slowly but surely seen their market share being eaten up by rivals, watched the Symbian operating system just fall flat on its face due to the lack of innovation, and horror of horrors for Nokia loyalists – the Finnish phone manufacturer has even turned to Microsoft to include Windows Phone 7 as the operating system of choice.

An interview with CNBC saw Nokia CEO Stephen Elop expressed his confidence in the Windows Phone 7 platform, touting that “consumers are saying the Windows brand operating system is very good. Better in terms of satisfaction than the competing platforms.”

There is one glaring bit missing that certain quarters have played up the drama drum – which is, Elop failed to admit to a ‘Plan B’ once they have rolled out Windows Phone 7 on all their smartphones. It seems that Nokia’s “Plan B is to make sure that Plan A is very successful”, and that leaves no room for failure. What do you think?


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