Windows Phone 7 Inspired Apple iOS 5

29 Jun

Apple’s recently introduced iOS 5 brings many useful improvements but it appears a fair few of them are not original.

iOS users have already noticed that the new Notification Centre is somehow similar to the open-source alternative MobileNotifier app. Now people are suggesting Apple has also drawn inspiration from Windows Phone 7 for its iOS 5, Information Week reports.
Joe Belfiore, Microsoft VP in charge of Windows Phone, took a jab at Apple, tweeting: “Feeling flattered today. Lots of great WP ideas headed to iOS. (Camera button/above lock, auto-upoad of pics, better notifications … )”
iOS 5 displays notifications at the top of the screen, while its predecessor shows them in the middle of the screen. Windows Mobile has a feature called “pop-up toast” that takes notifications to the task bar if users have not taken action after the alert was received. Apple has also taken the idea and moved the notifications to the top.

Windows Phone 7 had support for Twitter long before iOS 5. But unlike iOS 5, Microsoft’s mobile OS integrates Facebook. Apple could support Facebook, too, sometime in the future, should Steve Jobs forget about the grudge he has with the social networking site.

Again, Windows Phone 7 allowed users to snap pictures straight from the lockscreen and wirelessly synch their phone with Zune, before the Cupertino company also ‘came up with’ this idea. Apple has only recently made these features available.
It appears Apple can recognize a good idea when it sees one, which is a good thing I suppose, and has no qualms about borrowing it.


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