Beards & Beaks Now Available for Windows Phone 7

13 Jul

This week sees the release of just one title on Windows Phone 7, Beards & Beaks. The first Windows Phone 7 game developed and produced completely in-house at Microsoft Games Studios, Beards & Beaks offers players the chance to control a band of charming and unique gnomes in their quest to overcome the dastardly crows.

Gnome Town is suddenly overrun with murders of crows so audacious that even Hitchcock would take refuge behind a toadstool. Who knew gnomes and crows could get into a turf warElectronic Theatre Image that knows no bounds? It’s a race of treasure heisting, a ballet of gnome flicking and an all-out natural disaster of very unbecoming behaviour. The powers of the Mushroom only add to the chaos and the mystique, becoming your most reliable and “amusing” last-resort defence.

Beards & Beaks is available to download from the Zune Marketplace for Windows Phone 7 now, priced at £2.49. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest Xbox LIVE enabled releases for Windows Phone 7.


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Posted by on July 13, 2011 in WP7



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