Microsoft has strong quarter, no thanks to Windows Phone 7

22 Jul

Microsoft just posted some strong numbers for its fourth quarter with $17.37 billion in revenue and $5.87 billion in profit but don’t look for Windows Phone 7 to be a major contributor.

In its official release, the company only mentions Windows Phone a couple of times and these are generally not very positive. One mention says it had increased sales and marketing expenses trying to get this thing out there. While the Entertainment & Device division great by 30 percent for the quarter, that’s all on the Xbox and the Kinnect.

We’re still waiting to hear on some solid numbers of Windows Phone adopters and that may come in the conference call. The last we heard was over 1.5 million but that was months ago and you would hope those numbers have increased greatly.

Even Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer admits that sales are small but there is still hope for Microsoft in the mobile game with Windows Phone. The Nokia partnership should begin to bear fruit by the end of the year with things really picking up in 2012. Judging by Nokia’s earnings earlier today, both companies will need this to be a hit.

The company is also preparing Windows Phone Mango and this update should bring the platform on par with the competition. There are also a bunch of cool Windows Phone Mango handsets to look forward to.


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