LG Fantasy smartphone with Windows Phone 7 Mango coming this winter

26 Jul

The new LG handset called LG Fantasy looks sleek and smart with a huge screen, probably larger than 4;. Details of the phone are not yet known, though experts feel that since the hardware requirements of a Windows Phone 7 Mango are standardised, the hardware of the Fantasy will be comparable to that of other phones carrying the Mango. In fact, the phone looks a lot like the HTC HD7 and the Samsung Galaxy S II. It seems to be designed on similar lines to LG’s Android phones as well.

The display of the new Smartphone may carry a 400×800 pixel resolution, promising a clear picture on its large screen. Along with the many new and improved features that Mango carries, the phone is expected to run Internet Explorer 9, making surfing the web quicker and easier. Definitely a high end phone!
If LG manages to put off the new phone with an updated version of the Windows operating system, the Fantasy may well be the start of a new era for the company.

With the Windows phone, LG might be able to consolidate its position in the smartphone market, especially since it is slated to release other handsets with the Android operating system around the same time.

As yet, the price of the Fantasy is not known and further details on the phone are awaited.

With Microsoft making progress on the Mango with its new features like social networking applications and multi tasking, LG’s Fantasy might just be able to help it compete with the iphone and Android operating systems.

Microsoft is supposed to release the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update by September but hasn’t given a more specific timeline for the release.


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