Windows Phone Tango: Windows Phone 7 Update To Dance into our Near Future?

18 Aug

Currently, the latest buzz coming from Microsoft seems to revolve, or rather dance, around Tango. This is supposedly the new update for the Windows Phone 7 OS. As of now, all WP7 phones run on the stock build (soon to be upgraded to Mango) and though it is not sure whether the Tango release will be labeled as OS 7.5, it is certain that there will be one, perhaps two, such releases.

There hasn’t been any solid confirmation from Microsoft; not even a statement relating to the Tango release. There has also been no announcement, as usual, about future projects and codenames from the computing giant.

It is a known fact that the OS for Windows Phone 8 is termed Apollo and many are looking forward to it. With a design revamp in place, followed by a more streamlined kernel, mobile enthusiasts are looking forward to getting their hands dirty on the Apollo OS. However, the Tango release has come as a surprise to most in the industry.

While it is quite certain that Tango will be an OS update and next release, there is doubt about the update itself as to how much of a change it will mean. Microsoft has the habit of delivering major OS updates on a yearly basis; Apollo is to be in place in 2012 after Mango, released early 2011. Therefore, speculations leave Tango to be only a minor update.

Speculation is also building up about the extent of release of the Tango update. Some experts say that it will be an Asia exclusive release and there is a chance that this will be exclusively for Nokia and will go a long way in lowering the price of Windows OS phones from Nokia. With an affordable release, which Tango holds promise of, the Windows phones can definitely grasp the lower end of the market that Android phones are yet to reach, and which the iPhone will never reach.

Microsoft has also been in the news for a recent change in the handling of reins. Charlie Kindel, a Microsoft veteran and placed high up in the Windows Phone department has left the company to found a startup. The position has been filled by Matt Bencke. Whatever the Tango release will have or change, it is bound to make an impact and might even be the key for grabbing potential customers when Apollo is released next year.


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