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Windows Phone 7 App of the Week: Fix Up Your Photos With Photo Editor
It’s the elephant in the room – the Windows Phone 7 marketplace’s selection of apps is a little threadbare compared to its counterparts. So, for other phone users, a basic photo editor might not be anything to look twice at, but for Windows Phone 7 owners, it should be a nice tool to add to your collection. With Photo Editor, you can open up all of the photos you snap with your phone, and proceed to crop, rotate, adjust brightness and contrast, and use a few preset effects. You can also use the paint and doodle tools to add a personalized touch, adding a little of that Japanese Purikura photo booth flair. The Photo Editor costs $0.99, but you can try it out for free, first.


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Integrating SharePoint social features in Windows Phone 7 apps

“Windows Phone is designed to help you be productive right out of the box,” says Microsoft. One of the ways the software giant hopes to do this is through the integration of a SharePoint social feature into Windows Phone 7 applications which can help most businesses “work better on a people level”.

At this year’s Tech*Ed Africa, founder and director at Aptillon and SharePoint expert, Matthew McDermott discussed some the ways in which Windows Phone 7 users can use SharePoint web services to work with social data.

SharePoint collaboration software helps simplify business intelligence, content management, search, and sharing for intranet and internet sites.

At the moment, MacDermott explains that smartphones running Windows Phone 7 are the only ones that use a web browser or third-party app to connect with SharePoint. “This helps users share and stay connected to documents you need on the road, with support for full-fidelity viewing (online or offline), editing and syncing PowerPoint, Word, and Excel documents.”

“The SharePoint social and search web services allows developers create Windows Phone 7 applications that can find users and profile information and other social data including news feeds and comments. Creating social applications or integrating social data into a Windows Phone application can help users stay connected and informed,” says Microsoft.

McDermott explains that developers can replicate many of the features that SharePoint My Sites offer in a Web browser with their mobile application.

“The flow of the application will consist of a panoramic page with list boxes for Recently Viewed People, My Newsfeed, My Activities and My Colleagues. Anywhere a user selects another user’s image, the profile of the user they select will open in a new page. Search results will be presented in a list box, and selecting a user will display the user’s profile,” he explains.

One major benefit that McDermott focuses on is social data through Push Notification:

* Persistent notification service
* Push from a external application to the mobile device
* Allows an application to respond to external events without requiring the application to be in the foreground
* Notification-aware applications can subscribe to notifications

Push Notification does require a constant connection to the internet and the applications “must allow” users to opt in, which means users are able to unsubscribe. Devices are limited to 30 subscribed applications per device and notifications may be suppressed in low battery scenarios, so users are not guaranteed of delivery to device. There is also limit of 500 notifications/day/subscription for unauthenticated unless a TLS cert is used.

By integrating SharePoints social features into the applications developers can provide push notifications that alert users when SharePoint list data, or social data has changed. With such socially integrated lives on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, developers can use these external sites to compliment the social functionality of their application.

Social networking requirement

* Network connectivity is required
* Checks for network connectivity must be implemented
* Authorisation is performed with the OAUTH protocol
* A web browser is used to authenticate users
* You must sign up for an account with the social network you wish to integrate with
* Signing up for an account provides you the keys you need to authenticate you application
* Custom controls may be used to send data to social networking sites

The argument, is that in the age where social and mobility drive productivity and collaboration the integration of social data to SharePoint social features to Windows Phone 7 is a logical step for Microsoft.


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The Best Apps, Although a Thinner Selection, for Windows 7

Some people make it a big deal that Apple has 425,000 apps and Android has, by some counts, 250,000.

But would you want a television with 400,000 channels or just 100 great ones?

The Windows Phone 7 platform has “only” 25,000 apps, and that number will quickly grow once Nokia, one of the most popular handset makers, starts producing devices for the platform later this year. Already, though, the phones are good, if you mix in the right apps.

Before I get to my own list, a note or two is in order. The devices come loaded with a mobile version of Microsoft Office, which lets you open and, in some cases, edit Office files. That saves you one big app-related shopping task.

Also, while you can easily browse for apps on a PC, there is no dedicated shopping software for the Mac, so those users must instead browse online and buy on the phone, which can be buggy and frustrating.

On the Web, it can be hard to find information about specific Windows 7 apps, and on the phone the search engine mixes results from other genres. So if you search, say, for a word like “Slacker,” you get albums, artists and songs associated with that word, as well as apps.

The list of games is great, if you love Xbox games and the biggest hits from other mobile platforms, like Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies and the like. Otherwise, it’s hit or miss, with games like N.O.V.A. and Grand Theft Auto conspicuously absent.

Meanwhile, developers of many popular iPhone or Android apps haven’t built versions for Windows Phone 7. There’s no Urbanspoon, Hipstamatic, SoundHound, MyWeather, Instapaper or Google Maps. And some that work great on other platforms, like Shazam, are painfully slow on Windows.

With those caveats, then, here’s a list of the 10 best apps for Windows Phone 7 along with some contenders.

¶ Facebook for Windows Phone 7 (free): Built by Microsoft, the software is nicely designed, making good use of the big screens that are common on many Windows phones. The result is far less clutter than you’d find on a mobile Web page.

¶ Movies by Flixster, with Rotten Tomatoes (free): A recurring theme among the better Windows apps is the seamless navigation. Flixster, the excellent movie-information service, is a good example. Pages yield easily, and logically, to others, while large-font type at the top of the screen lets you know where you are and where you’ve been.

¶ Yelp (free): Information on nearly any local business you might need, rendered in a user-friendly manner. Pages load quickly, and reviews and photos for restaurants, in particular, are good.

¶ Epicurious (free): The mobile standard for recipe information. Its recipes have been created by chefs, cookbook authors and the editorial staffs of Bon Appétit and Gourmet, among others. Recipes are rated by users, and the app helps you build and share shopping lists.

¶ The Weather Channel (free): When judging the company’s other mobile offerings, the word “lovely” doesn’t come to mind. It does here. Most of the vital weather information breezes by with a flick of the finger. The app would be almost flawless if it didn’t force you to click a link and wait for the hourly forecast details.

¶ Google Search (free): In many ways, it’s the opposite of the Weather Channel. While Google’s search app excels on other platforms, it’s merely passable on Windows, mainly because it lacks a voice-search function. Still, it’s the best available shortcut to good, and quick, mobile search results.

¶ ESPN ScoreCenter (free): Sports fans can customize the app to show results and news for their favorite teams, across many professional and college leagues. The team selection process is simple, the interface is free of clutter, and the app includes a news ticker at the bottom of each screen.

¶ Evernote (free): In my experience, Evernote offers the best mobile note-tracking software because it’s easy to use and fast. Enter a note, audio or text, and it is immediately synchronized with your Evernote account, so you could log onto the online version and it would be waiting for you there. The free version is enough for most purposes, with added storage available for an annual fee.

¶ Thumba Photo Editor ($1): Fast and fun. It lets you test different photo effects with minimal processing delays, and you can also crop and rotate images. You can share to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, but there is no e-mail sharing.

¶ Ilomilo ($5) helps demonstrate the Windows Phone gaming excellence. This puzzle game is challenging but not arduous, and the graphics are first rate.

Like many other games on the Windows Phone platform, Ilomilo includes a trial version.

That trial feature is important, because for whatever reason, developers generally charge more than on other mobile platforms for their games when they sell them on the Windows mobile platform. Ilomilo was free on Apple last week, for instance.

Maybe developers believe users will pay for the added benefit of synchronizing their mobile gameplay across the spectrum of Xbox Live.

Either way, brace for sticker shock.

Also, brace for some confusion. You won’t find games in the apps section, only in the games section of the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Honorable Mention

CNN Newsreader (free): Fast-loading, with a layout that lends itself nicely to at-a-glance browsing and reporting that will satisfy most people; Endomondo Sports Tracker (free): Great way to track your running, hiking or other outdoor activities; At Bat 11 ($10): Pricey, but for baseball fans, worth every penny; (free): Offers personalized radio along the lines of Slacker or Pandora, but you can fast-forward unlimited times; Glympse (free): Allows users to signal their precise whereabouts to other people for a limited amount of time; Kindle (free): Nimble e-reader software with useful features familiar to users of the Kindle device; moTweets (free): Great Twitter reader, with an option to stream updates directly to the phone’s home screen.


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Windows Phone 7 App of the Week: FIM Enables Rampant Facebook Chatting Like Never Before

Facebook chat was a little slow to catch on, but it’s finally becoming a go to source of online communication. Thing is, people still don’t seem to take to the Facebook chat UI much. Well, FIM simplifies it – a lot. Read the rest of this entry »

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Microsoft’s best Aussie Windows Phone 7 apps

Microsoft has just announced the winners of its Australian “Dev vs. Dev” contest, crowning the champion of its first Australian Windows Phone 7 app challenge. Read the rest of this entry »

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LifePics Releases Windows Phone 7 App, the Only Windows Mobile App That Allows Printing to the Largest Network of Photofinishers

LifePics today announced the release of its “LifePics Order & View Photos” app, which allows all Windows Phone 7 users to order photos to any retail photofinisher in the LifePics Network from any Windows Phone 7 device. Read the rest of this entry »

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Marketplace for Windows Phone 7 apps now working in India

Last week Microsoft’s developer evangelist Brandon Watson shed light on numbers regarding developer adoption of Windows Phone 7 platform. The post states the developer tools for the platform have been downloaded more than 1.5 Million times. Microsoft says they have 36,000 registered developers and are adding 1,200 developers every week. Read the rest of this entry »

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HTC News – Windows Phone 7 App: HTC Compass Magnetizes Directions

If you have a Windows 7 Phone and get lost, here’s a compass app for you.  HTC created the HTC Compass for the HTC Arrive that arrived earlier list month.  HTC Compass is in the Windows Marketplace and uses Bing maps to generate walking directions. Read the rest of this entry »


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