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Nokia’s App Store Hits 7 Million Daily Downloads

Nokia’s app store for its previous generation Symbian phones, Ovi Store, just hit 7 million daily downloads.

By way of comparison, Apple announced this month 15 billion downloads on its app store since the beginning, which works out to a rough average of 13 million downloads per day. The real number these days is almost certainly much higher because there are many more iOS devices today than when the app store launched.

Still, 7 million per day is nothing to sneeze at and a nice milestone for Nokia, especially given that it only seems to get bad news. Ovi Store will be merged with the Windows Phone 7 marketplace on Nokia’s next-generation phones, which will run Windows.

While smartphones are necessary to Nokia’s future, these lower cost phones are as well, because they’re what allows Nokia to sell tons of phones in emerging markets and attain the scale and distribution it will need to push Windows phones.

The problem is, Nokia isn’t just in danger from the top of the market, but also from the bottom of the market from Chinese OEMs who are increasingly competing on price and speed and grabbing marketshare from Nokia.


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Windows Phone 7 and Android vs iOS [the “app store” way]

To stop Apple from owning the “app store,” Microsoft reportedly hired a linguist to define the exact meaning of the “app store”, and explaining why everyone can use the two words. Read the rest of this entry »

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Android apps quickly approaching iOS numbers, while Windows Phone 7 hits 10k

One particularly knobbly stick Apple uses to beat Android with is app count. The argument goes that in this app-driven market the one with the most apps (that’s Apple) is king. It appears Apple won’t be able to make such boasts for long, though.

According to a report issued by Business Insider, while Apple remains in front with 350,000 apps available on its App Store, Google has closed the gap significantly with 250,000.

Yes, 100,000 apps still sounds like quite a gap, but when you consider the relative growth from June 2009 – when Apple had 50,000 and Google had just 5,000 – you’ll realise that the Android Market is growing at a far greater rate than the App Store.

Plotted out as a graph, it shows that Android app growth is rapidly accelerating while iPhone app growth continues to increase at a steady rate. Projecting a little further down the line, it seems the two great app store rivals will be equal within a few months.

According to the report, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 would appear to be eating the leaders’ dust with around 20,000 and 9,000 apps respectively, although in the latter’s case that’s not bad going.

In fact, it’s been reported elsewhere that Windows Marketplace has just passed the 10,000 apps mark. This landmark has been achieved in less time than it took both iOS and Android.


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Apple defends ‘App Store’ trademark as Windows Phone 7 app ecosystem grows

Apple has defended its moves to trademark the term ‘App Store’ despite attacks from companies such as Microsoft who claim the phrase is too generic to be copyrighted. Read the rest of this entry »

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