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Windows Phone 7 Update To Add IAP, Other Stuff

Windows Phone 7 has a serious amount of catching up to do both in market share and with apps if it wants to seriously compete with the iPhone and the App Store, but we’ve always seen the handheld as a promising contender. Part of that reason has to do with its Games Hub, which is essentially a mobile take on Xbox Live. It’s packed with promise, and Microsoft has continued to take the steps in the right direction. Today’s news is a good example of that: the next release of Windows Phone 7, Mango, will allow in-app purchases and add-on content. This is huge, as we all know free-to-play is a meaningful mobile model.

There’s more, of course. In the Fall-bound update, Microsoft will introduce badges that you can put on your avatar after earning certain achievements. Also, it’s bulking up its network support, cleaning up the UI in a significant way by introducing sensible views and blades, and it’s integrating a lot of Xbox Live “Extras” into the actual Hub. If you really want to dive into the nitty-gritty, this blog post and this earlier blog post on the Windows Phone Blog both break it all down pretty well, canned as it is.

In addition to the former stuff, Microsoft has also announced a bunch of new games slated to hit the platform within the next few months. Most of them are unknown to us, but if you have a 360 or a Kinect, these two brands might ring a bell: Toy Soldiers and Kinectimals. Yeah, mobile versions of these titles are coming. Can you hear me shrugging? I’m shrugging.

It strikes me as weird that we’re still in a wait and watch stance on Windows Phone 7 a year or so out of release, but the platform still doesn’t feel as robust as Microsoft wants it to be. Updates like this, though, are definitely a sign of solid progress.


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Full House Poker Now Available on Windows Phone 7 & Xbox 360

Microsoft Games  Studio’s Full House Poker is finally available for both Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360, via the Zune Marketplace and Xbox LIVE Arcade respectively. The simultaneous launch of both versions of the game is a first for the Xbox LIVE network, as is the cross-platform compatibility offered by the game.
Players will test their Texas Hold ‘Em prowess in Standard Games and Tournaments against a variety of Full House Poker professionals. Each professional has unique skills and  weaknesses, and so players must watch them closely to learn how to take them down. Doing so will allow you to earn experience and level up to unlock new ways to customise your poker experience.
Players can reap the rewards of your poker play on both Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360: build up your bankroll on your phone and that stack of chips will be waiting for you the next time you play Full House Poker on Xbox 360. Level up on Xbox 360, and get the respect you’ve earned the next time you play on your phone. Levels, XP, chips, stats, and unlockables are all shared across both devices.
Full House Poker is available now for Windows Phone 7 via the Zune Marketplace, priced at £2.49 ($2.99) and for Xbox 360 via the Xbox LIVE Arcade, priced at 800 Microsoft Points. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest Xbox LIVE enabled releases for Windows Phone 7, and any future titles offering cross-platform compatibility.


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