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Nokia Plans 300 Media Apps For Windows Phone

Nokia has inked a deal with a Canadian developer to produce more than 300 media applications for its upcoming Windows Phone offerings, as well as for its existing line of Symbian and MeeGo-based smartphones.

Under the deal, Toronto’s Polar Mobile will build apps that format content from a number of international publishers for display on Nokia’s various platforms. Content providers involved in the deal include WiredUK, Kompass, Advertising Age, The Globe and Mail, Shanghai Daily, and 7DAYS.

“Nokia is excited about the opportunity to team up with Polar Mobile to bring hundreds of quality apps to consumers around the world,” said Richard White, general manager for Nokia Canada, in a statement. “Polar Mobile’s ability to scale and attract a global set of brands is strategic in supporting Nokia’s efforts in offering compelling apps and experiences for our users.”

Polar Mobile uses Nokia’s cross-platform Qt development framework to help publishers produce mobile versions of their content for Nokia platforms. It’s one of the technologies that Microsoft is hoping will incent major content providers to include Windows Phone in their mobile strategies once Nokia-branded Windows Phone 7 devices become available–most likely in the first half of next year.

Application choice could make or break Windows Phone. Microsoft claimed there were about 9,000 apps available for the OS as of March. By contrast, the number of apps available for Apple’s iPhone and Google Android devices is well into the six figures.

Under a deal reached earlier this year, Nokia agreed to use Windows Phone 7 as the exclusive operating system for its U.S. products. The Finnish phone maker also will offer Windows Phone-based devices in a number of other international markets.

What’s not clear is how long the company plans to continue offering products based on other operating systems. Symbian’s share of the global mobile OS market is slipping, and Nokia recently sold off future support and development rights to the platform to Accenture. MeeGo is a joint effort between Nokia and Intel, and runs Nokia’s slick new N9 smartphone.

Nokia shares were flat at $6.07 in early trading Wednesday.


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Why Nokia picked Microsoft: Windows Phone 7’s 20,000 apps and counting

That number might not seem like much compared to the gazillion apps at Android Market or Apple’s App Store, but those 20,000 apps answer a question on many techies’ lips this week: Why didn’t Nokia pick MeeGo? Windows Phone Marketplace passed the 20k threshold about a month ago.

The N9’s unexpected launch on June 21 was one of the most perplexing mobile phone announcements in recent memory. The N9 is a stunning piece of hardware that runs smart-looking software — MeeGo 1.2. But Nokia has all but abandoned MeeGo and Symbian, which despite market share declines is still the most widely used mobile operating system on the planet. The N9 had lots of gawkers drooling over its sexiness but disappointed that with MeeGo there’s no point.

MeeGo was supposed to be Nokia’s future before CEO, and former Microsoft divisional president, Stephen Elop cut the Windows Phone distribution deal earlier this year. Instead of a slow transition from Symbian to MeeGo, Nokia would fast-track to Microsoft’s mobile OS.

Nokia’s other MeeGo phone is the N900, and the selection of apps is meager at best. The company’s Ovi Store, serves up 90-top free apps, 88 bestsellers and 166 new ones for N900, with the latter category actually looking like the entire selection available. By comparison, the number of apps available for Windows Phone is simply enormous. Microsoft has developers, and they’re working the apps. Remember, that Windows Phone only became available in autumn with about 1,000. Less than two months ago, the number was 18,000. It was 20k in late May. Who knows, 25,000 may be close coming.

I used to own a N900. It was a brick, but I still loved the smartphone. It had real character, and MeeGo was a major reason why. There was something quite different about using the N900 compared to iPhone or any Android handset. The N900 felt more like a pocket computer, and MeeGo provided dramatic capabilities. I still miss N900.

But platforms need applications. Either the phone’s manufacturer provides them or third-parties do — and ideally both. MeeGo doesn’t have much from either. Nokia is really good at doing hardware but long hasn’t been able to compete on software and services. From that perspective, the Microsoft marriage has potential.

The questions now: How long before there are 25,000 apps, and what will the number be when the first Nokia Windows Phone ships. Earlier this week, Elop quietly showed off the first prototype — “Sea Ray” — and of course it leaked out right away.

Microsoft doesn’t need hundreds of thousands of apps for Windows Phone to succeed. The platform just needs enough of them. Which ones is more important than how many. Still, larger number has marketing value for both potential customers and developers.

That said, compared to Android Market and App Store, 20,000 doesn’t seem like much. They offer more than 200,000 and App Store 450,000 apps, respectively.


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LG could show off MeeGo phone next month Read the rest of this entry »

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Meego Mobile OS Gains Support From LG

With Nokia dumping Meego for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform, the Linux-based mobile operating system has garnered support from mobile phone marker LG. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nokia’s new Tablet may not come with Windows Phone 7

According to a report filed by Reuters, Nokia’s new and upcoming  Tablets will not be coming with Windows Phone 7.
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Microsoft-Nokia mobile deal could benefit both

Nokia’s announcement last month that it will give up the MeeGo and Symbian smartphone operating systems in favor of Windows Phone 7 could work if everything falls into place, according to Forrester Research analyst Ted Schadler. Read the rest of this entry »

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