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Android: Microsoft’s new cash opportunity, and not Windows Phone 7?

Another week means another Microsoft versus Google news.

Google and Microsoft are in headlines again, in both finance and tech news world after reports have disclosed Microsoft’s recent move to get more “cash” from successful Android OEMs, and this time, it’s Samsung’s turn.

According to Hot Hardware, news broke this week that Microsoft is demanding Samsung Mobile to pay the company $15 per Android device sold — so for every Samsung Galaxy S II sold, Microsoft could get below 1 percent of the price. Apparently Samsung Galaxy S2 with Android Gingerbread mobile operating system is the Korean OEM’s fastest selling phone to date with 3 million units sold in less than 2 months. If Microsoft’s rumored demand is successful, the Redmond-based company could get $45 million for Samsung Galaxy S2 alone, yikes.

Surprisingly, the report about Microsoft’s demand appeared online after Samsung’s announcement about the early success of Samsung Galaxy S II.

The Microsoft-Samsung Android deal is similar the HTC Android deal which was inked last year, with HTC still obligated to pay $5 per Android product sold. Aside from HTC, Microsoft also signed similar deals, uncluding the company’s lawsuit against Barnes & Noble (with Nook powered Android) and Motorola with its Android-powered devices as well.

Just a quick note, Motorola is not a member of Windows Phone family, and still not into manufacturing Windows Phone handsets, while Samsung and HTC are Microsoft’s launch partners for the company’s re-engineered Windows Phone operating system launched last year, which is still not a popular smartphone operating system in United States according to multiple data published by research firms.

Windows Phone is expected to gobble a large percentage of smartphone market share (according to some analysts) courtesy of its deal with European based mobile phone manufacturer Nokia. Apparently, Nokia inked a deal with Redmond to produce multiple smartphones equipped with Windows Phone operating system. Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop recently unveiled his company’s first Windows Phone-powered smartphone with codename Sea Ray.


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