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Microsoft granted patent for Metro UI on the Windows Phone

Microsoft is playing around the new Metro for implementation on different platforms — mobile, tablets, PC and game console.

Microsoft has been granted patent for the Metro User Interface by the US Patent and Trademark Office. This patent was filed under the name ‘Visual motion for user interface feedback’.

Microsoft has been working to implement the Metro UI into Windows 8 and Xbox 360 in order to create a similar and synergised user experience between three platforms — Mobile, Tablets, Computer and Gaming Console. That is exactly what its rival Apple has been trying to achieve with the release of Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5 update.

The Metro UI in the Windows Phone 7 is aimed at a simple, fluid and easy to adept user interface. The design cues from the Metro UI will be implemented in the next major operating system update — Windows 8. Apart from that, even Xbox 360 and tablets will get some Metro UI styling so that the Xbox LIVE dashboard looks similar to the Games Hub on the Windows Phone device.

The patent application abstract states: “Aspects of a user interface that provides visual feedback in response to user input. For example, boundary effects are presented to provide visual cues to a user to indicate that a boundary in a movable user interface element (e.g., the end of a scrollable list) has been reached. As another example, parallax effects are presented in which multiple parallel or substantially parallel layers in a multi-layer user interface move at different rates, in response to user input. As another example, simulated inertia motion of UI elements is used to provide a more natural feel for touch input. Various combinations of features are described.”

Several inferences can be derived from this move by Microsoft and the most obvious one is prevention of any lawsuit debacles.

What is it in for consumers? Well, let us hope that the investment in the Metro UI patent doesn’t impact sale or shipping of any Microsoft products in future. If that happens, several opportunists will try to make the best of the situation and make quick cash via gray garage sales.

Metro UI on the Windows Phone is good but the experience will not be exactly the same across different platforms.


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Skype Discloses Future Plans, First Goal Windows Phone 7 App

Internet communications giant Skype is planning to launch products tightly integrated around Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, Xbox 360 console and enterprise products.

The company, which is on the verge of being acquired by software giant Microsoft, also plans to continue its path of integration with Facebook and release a bunch of telephony products for the platform.

Neil Stevens, Skype’s vice president and general manager of products and marketing, said that one of the first products to come out of the Skype-Microsoft marriage will be a Skype app for the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform, according to Forbes.

Stevens claims that the company wants to create an app which feels more like a part of the platform rather than just an app and Skype will be able to do this, now that it will have unrestricted access to Windows Phone 7.

“A Windows Phone app, if done well, can show people what a really great Skype experience is like when there are no hardware or vendor limitations,” said Stevens.

The company offers apps for the iOS and Android platforms, but has to work under certain limitations imposed by Apple and Google. “We’re disadvantaged against [iOS and Android’s video-chat service] FaceTime because of this closed environment,” he claimed.


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Full House Poker Now Available on Windows Phone 7 & Xbox 360

Microsoft Games  Studio’s Full House Poker is finally available for both Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360, via the Zune Marketplace and Xbox LIVE Arcade respectively. The simultaneous launch of both versions of the game is a first for the Xbox LIVE network, as is the cross-platform compatibility offered by the game.
Players will test their Texas Hold ‘Em prowess in Standard Games and Tournaments against a variety of Full House Poker professionals. Each professional has unique skills and  weaknesses, and so players must watch them closely to learn how to take them down. Doing so will allow you to earn experience and level up to unlock new ways to customise your poker experience.
Players can reap the rewards of your poker play on both Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360: build up your bankroll on your phone and that stack of chips will be waiting for you the next time you play Full House Poker on Xbox 360. Level up on Xbox 360, and get the respect you’ve earned the next time you play on your phone. Levels, XP, chips, stats, and unlockables are all shared across both devices.
Full House Poker is available now for Windows Phone 7 via the Zune Marketplace, priced at £2.49 ($2.99) and for Xbox 360 via the Xbox LIVE Arcade, priced at 800 Microsoft Points. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest Xbox LIVE enabled releases for Windows Phone 7, and any future titles offering cross-platform compatibility.


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