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Microsoft reveals Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone 7
Microsoft just might be finally getting into the smartphone market and today they announced a cool app that will help you control your Xbox right from your phone.  The Xbox Companion app will help you control your Xbox and interact with some games, plus the app will let you search video and audio content that you’d like to watch via your Microsoft Xbox 360 console.  Once you have searched for something to listen to or watch, your smartphone will then turn into the remote control allowing you access to features that let you play, fast forward and pause the content.

The app is sort of neat and maybe an easy way for Microsoft to test out the app development side of their new smartphones, but the app will not be doing much more than you can do with your original remote control.  Not that an update couldn’t add more features in the future, but the app in its original form is not all that impressive according to what can be found online.  Once the app is able to control the Xbox the possibilities are endless, but it might take some digging around in the technology department to come up with something creative.

The app was revealed at Nokia World 2011 this year and watching some of the demo videos the app looks pretty neat.  The app is tied with Bing for the search feature which isn’t a real surprise.  Windows Phone powered smartphones have been able to interact with Xbox Live online since the first one launched, but the functions are quite limited.  A gamer can play games on the smartphone through Xbox Live and gain achievements and add to their gamer score at the same time, but that is about it.

Games like “Full House Poker” and “Fable Coin Golf” are a couple of games that you can play on your WP7 powered smartphone and by playing them you can impact the Xbox 360 versions of the games.  Watching a video online about how the WP7 smartphone can be used to control the Xbox Kinect system certainly gives you the idea that the app can really be updated to add some really nice functionality.  A user will be able to transfer information from the phone, to the Xbox console and back in order to keep up with what is happening on certain Kinect games.


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Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) to Support Micro HDMI

One of the key missing elements in the initial Windows Phone 7 release was HDMI support.  The platform was perfectly capable of supporting video recording with minimum requirements; however, it did not provide an easy way to share that content with a nearby HDTV device.  However, that is changing with the Acer M310.

The new device will feature both the new Windows Phone OS – code named Mango – complete with accompanying micro HDMI output (a feature that can also be found on several Android handsets).  According to reports, the upcoming HTC Eternity, another Windows Phone device, will also come with the micro HDMI port, as well as DLNA wireless sharing.

According to a blog by Windows Phone NZ, the Acer M310 was shown in prototype at their recent Tech Ed conference.

“It looks like a good basic handset overall with a black shiny look and bevelled edges.  This handset has something we haven’t seen on Windows Phone handsets before – video output to HDMI.  It also includes DLNA support to play over Wi-Fi to a network connected TV, Xbox, or other DLNA supported device.  Other features on the Acer M310 look similar to many existing Windows Phone 7 handsets – such as 8GB storage capacity.”

The blog goes on to say that production for the new device is nearing finality, which means we should have more information, including possible release dates and locations, soon.  As for other Windows Phone 7.5 devices, they’ll have the capability, so it will be up to the handset manufacturers to provide the output.


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Microsoft has strong quarter, no thanks to Windows Phone 7

Microsoft just posted some strong numbers for its fourth quarter with $17.37 billion in revenue and $5.87 billion in profit but don’t look for Windows Phone 7 to be a major contributor.

In its official release, the company only mentions Windows Phone a couple of times and these are generally not very positive. One mention says it had increased sales and marketing expenses trying to get this thing out there. While the Entertainment & Device division great by 30 percent for the quarter, that’s all on the Xbox and the Kinnect.

We’re still waiting to hear on some solid numbers of Windows Phone adopters and that may come in the conference call. The last we heard was over 1.5 million but that was months ago and you would hope those numbers have increased greatly.

Even Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer admits that sales are small but there is still hope for Microsoft in the mobile game with Windows Phone. The Nokia partnership should begin to bear fruit by the end of the year with things really picking up in 2012. Judging by Nokia’s earnings earlier today, both companies will need this to be a hit.

The company is also preparing Windows Phone Mango and this update should bring the platform on par with the competition. There are also a bunch of cool Windows Phone Mango handsets to look forward to.


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Sony launches mobile gaming wars

Microsoft, which already offers some Xbox games on its Windows Phone 7 operating system, replied on February 14 by offering greater integration to lure players. A connection with the Xbox will be available in a major Phone 7 update from about March, …Read more


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